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Photo Booth Controller

Snap and share pictures of you and your friends at a party with a Raspberry Pi photo booth Controller! In order to get going, you must have a very basic knowledge of linux/bash as well as the ability to solder a… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Digital Photo Frame

This Raspberry Pi digital photo frame is created primarily to display photo and video files that you can use around your house. You can stream a movie, browse the web and receive AirPlay content just as the versatility of the… Continue Reading →

Get started with your Raspberry Pi

Are you running out of ideas on what to do with your first Raspberry Pi? Here’s a very useful tutorial on  how to assemble your Pi and boot it with the easy and popular Raspian operating system. Don’t worry if… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Internet Radio

Here’s a cool retro Raspberry Pi project that gives you an old radio with a new voice. The author, fizzPop, uses a Raspberry Pi to play internet radio. It could probably be easily modified to run Pandora or maybe even… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror

Here’s a really cool project from the Netherlands by Michael Teeuw. While traveling in NY he noticed a “magic mirror” inside a Macy’s. This was a mirror with text illuminated on it. Magic! That was all it took and he… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Pandora Jukebox

Does anyone listen to radio anymore? With all these gadgets maybe not. Our latest easy Raspberry Pi project evaluation is this Pandora streamer. The author, Shaun Gehring, originally found the project on Instructables. However, he does an excellent job of explaining… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Retro arcade game machine

Fun Raspberry Pi Project Continuing our love of arcade games, we profile here a fantastic build by Bob Claggett. Bob has an excellent blog called I Like to Make Stuff where he gives detailed instructions on how to, well, make stuff. We… Continue Reading →

Game Boy Zero

Looking for a cool Raspberry Pi game project? Who here hasn’t wasted hours, days, months playing games on a Gameboy? Sad they’re not around. Well you can buy some units on Ebay or… you can make your own! Check out… Continue Reading →

Water Droplet Photography

As a budding photographer I was always mesmerized by high speed photos capturing objects in motion. I remember magazine articles showing photos of a bullet splitting a playing card, shattering a light bulb or a water droplet splash. Well now… Continue Reading →

What is Raspberry Pi?

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer originally intended for educational purposes. Since its inception in 2012, it has undergone several improvements with the latest version coming out just recently. The key to its popularity is the low… Continue Reading →

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