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Personal Home Safety Agent

A new project called personal home safety agent is based on the new Raspberry Pi, windows 10 IoT core, and windows azure. It can monitor a few things like fire, water leakage, and temperature. Ihe developer has two things in… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Microwave

Microwaves have helped us a lot especially in our day-to-day activities. Nathan Broadbent, a developer has taken the Raspberry Pi microwave to a whole new level. He even turned it into an IoT-based device. There is little human intervention as… Continue Reading →

Smart Cap with Alexa

Smart Cap helps the visually impaired in his day to day activities by narrating the description of the scene. This means that the Smart Cap converts the scenes in front of them to text. It describes the significant objects in… Continue Reading →

Home Automation System

In a modernized age, we can be capable of building a home automation system. This way, it will control our home devices automatically like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim. With Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Windows 10,… Continue Reading →

Awesome Beetbox

Beetbox, powered by a Raspberry Pi is a simple instrument that allows users to play drum beats just by touching actual beets. You can be an instant drummer with this Beetbox! It is super Interactive and you can even display… Continue Reading →

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Tutorial

Build a simple hardware project without having to worry about python coding, connecting wires and all of the complicated tasks that you can think of. In  this tutorial, you will develop an Obstacle Avoiding Robot with your Raspberry Pi …. Continue Reading →

Make a Wireless Printer with Raspberry Pi

Going for a wireless printer means you can get rid of the mess from a lot of cables or wires. You can also benefit the printer’s portability.  Buying wireless printers can be very expensive and it is a good idea  to… Continue Reading →

Easy to make Raspberry Pi Case

Are you looking for a stylish way to dress up and secure your pi? Here’s a way to do it using cheap and easy to find tools. The cost to make this Raspberry Pi case is only $10. To make… Continue Reading →

Wall Mounted Digital Calendar

In a modernized age, we prefer to organize our upcoming events using a digital calendar rather than putting them on paper. This way, you can easily edit, delete or add events in a more organized way. It is similar than… Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi Netbook

Raspberry Pi’s versatility can lead to more challenging projects like the Lap Pi. It is a Raspberry Pi Netbook and a low-cost portable mini computer. This project is a mixtures of spare parts, scrapped components and cables. It needs a lot… Continue Reading →

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