This tutorial will teach you on how to make a Wooden Chess Computer. The difference of this Chess board to that of the others is that it can recognize chess piece positions. and this project is made possible using Arduino, Raspberry Pi and  Stockfish chess engine. The role of Arduino is to control the board. It is connected to the Pi which runs the chess engine stockfish and chess rules library called Chessboard. It’s even easy to use, Just plug it in, press the green button and play!

If you are not sure if you have the skills to build this project have a look at Beginners Start Here.

Other features include:

  • Play chess by moving pieces  and the computer signals its move using by flashing an LED
  • Stockfish chess engine with a maxiimum rating of GM with an ELO level around 2900
  • 21 levels of play
  • Set personality: agressiveness and cowardice
  • Play as black or white
  • Play human vs human
  • Validates moves against full moves of chess, signals error & allows re-move
  • Recognises and makes special moves: Castling; En Passent, Pawn Promotion
  • Provides hint if stuck
  • Option to save game as pgn


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