A work in progress, Who’s at my door  – AlexaPi, is a smart door bell is powered by a Raspberry Pi and Alexa voice service. The concept of this project is when someone knocks on your door,  Alexa and Camera is activated. Then,  Alexa will ask “Who is it?”. The camera will then check its database and identify the person at your door. If the owner is out, then Alexa will say “I am not available right now”. If the owner is in then it will say “She’s notifying the owner and let’s you wait for a moment”.  Note that Alexa records your responses.


Things used in this project: 

  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • Raspberry Pi Camera module
  • SeeedStudio Grove – Piezo Vibration Sensor
  • Adafruit Microphone Amplifier Breakout
  • Adafruit industries ada1314 image
  • Speaker: 3W, 4 ohms

Software apps and online services:

  • Alexa Voice Service
  • clarifai

We will give you an update when this project is finished! In the meantime, you can browse other Raspberry Pi projects in our site. Click Here!