“We have visitors” is a tracking system to log visitors and real time monitoring through Android application. This means that this project will let you log the time stamps of every visitor coming at your door. You will also be notified immediately if there is a visitor at your door and this is made possible with the raspberry pi coupled with an android application.  The setup is great if you stay out of home for hours then try this to log the visitors and get the image of the most recent visitor.


The concept of this project is to capture and detect the image of your visitor. The information is then written on a text file as well as the number of faces that are detected in an image. The time stamp is also noted.


Things you’ll need:

  • Raspberry pi with a webcam or picam
  • Internet connectivity on your pi
  • Android phone
  • Wifi module(if you don’t prefer Ethernet)


This is an easy project with a few coding skills required and the code for this project is quite simple. Click here for more details of this project.