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Wooden Chess Computer

This tutorial will teach you on how to make a Wooden Chess Computer. The difference of this Chess board to that of the others is that it can recognize chess piece positions. and this project is made possible using Arduino,… Continue Reading →

SMS Garage Door Butler

AkiraFist, the developer of this project, made an SMS garage door butler. It has a lot of features compared to that of the typical remote-controlled garage doors. With the garage door butler, you can track those people who opens the garage… Continue Reading →

We have Visitors

“We have visitors” is a tracking system to log visitors and real time monitoring through Android application. This means that this project will let you log the time stamps of every visitor coming at your door. You will also be notified… Continue Reading →

Home Automation System

In a modernized age, we can be capable of building a home automation system. This way, it will control our home devices automatically like setting up a lamp to turn on and off at your whim. With Raspberry Pi, Arduino and Windows 10,… Continue Reading →

Obstacle Avoiding Robot Tutorial

Build a simple hardware project without having to worry about python coding, connecting wires and all of the complicated tasks that you can think of. In  this tutorial, you will develop an Obstacle Avoiding Robot with your Raspberry Pi …. Continue Reading →

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