Snap and share pictures of you and your friends at a party with a Raspberry Pi photo booth Controller!

In order to get going, you must have a very basic knowledge of linux/bash as well as the ability to solder a simple circuit. If you do have not have an RPi with Raspbian installed and access it through SSH don’t worry, it is included in in this tutorial.

All you need to have is :

  • Camera, with USB connection and preferably with an AC power adapter and tripod
  • Photo printer
  • Controller (which you will build), the user interface, with a start button and indicator lights, and a brain of Raspberry Pi, which controls the camera, assembles the photo montage, and drives the printer.
  • Booth enclosure, not strictly necessary, but does provide the intimacy essential for maximum fun; best when filled with beautiful women in fabulous dresses

Since you will build the controller, you will need these parts:

During setup:

  • SD card reader
  • computer to set up the SD card
  • monitor/TV with HDMI
  • USB keyboard and mouse

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