Does anyone listen to radio anymore? With all these gadgets maybe not. Our latest easy Raspberry Pi project evaluation is this Pandora streamer.

The author, Shaun Gehring, originally found the project on Instructables. However, he does an excellent job of explaining each step and he rewrote most of the code. We prefer his writeup. Here’s his explanation of the project:

Using a Raspberry Pi you can create a pretty cool stand alone Pandora Streamer. Its a pretty easy project to put together and will only take an evening. Even though this project is basic from a Electrical Engineering standpoint you will learn the basics of GPIO, Python, BASH and basic Circuits. The best part is you can totally use this project on a daily basis. This version also will allow you to use the device as a Airplay reciever when you are not using Pandora.

Interested in having your own Internet radio? The  Read the instructions here

Images from Shaun’s blog