Raspberry Pi’s versatility can lead to more challenging projects like the Lap Pi. It is a Raspberry Pi Netbook and a low-cost portable mini computer. This project is a mixtures of spare parts, scrapped components and cables. It needs a lot of components to start, but if you are determined, you’ll be fine!

The concept of this project is to make a laptop but it is built with a Raspberry Pi. It is similar to a normal computer set-up where you have a keyboard, a mouse as well as batteries. More work is done as you need to plug in a USB hub, connect WiFi, Bluetooth and receiver for a wireless keyboard. Lastly, you will need to extend the Network port, add a headphone socket & speakers, fit in a battery pack, and then wire it all together.

A lot of things to do? Well, if you’re a techie then you can accept this Raspberry Pi Challenge!

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