Microwaves have helped us a lot especially in our day-to-day activities. Nathan Broadbent, a developer has taken the Raspberry Pi microwave to a whole new level. He even turned it into an IoT-based device. There is little human intervention as it can be controlled with voice commands, and use your iPad or even the internet.

The developer of this project has re-designed its touch pad. The top two rows of buttons are dedicated to “one touch” cooking times, for either “high” or “medium” power. You can also set the time and power manually. Other than that, this microwave has also some amazing features listed below:


  • Clock is automatically synced from the internet
  • Can use a barcode scanner to look up cooking instructions from an online database
  • Listen to voice commands and set the cooking time accordingly.
  • Has a web page so you can control it from your phone and set up cooking instructions for products
  • has beautiful sounds for notifications and alerts
  • Tweets after cooking






The coolest feature of this microwave is that you can scan the barcode of the product that you are going to cook and it will automatically fetch the instructions form the “online database and cook it accordingly”. This means that you don’t need to set anything. The developer of this project has also created an Online Microwave Cooking Database where you can add any product with its cooking instructions and then you just need to scan it with barcode scanner attached to Microwave.


Although it’s quite complex to hack and rebuild this Pi Microwave but the results are awesome. Finally Nathan cooked the real Raspberry Pie in the Raspberry Pi Microwave. Click here to learn more about the project.