A new project called personal home safety agent is based on the new Raspberry Pi, windows 10 IoT core, and windows azure. It can monitor a few things like fire, water leakage, and temperature. Ihe developer has two things in mind while making this project. One is to get a better smoke and fire detection at home and second is to detect water leakages and to react if that happens.



The fire detection is in a new level as it does not only notify the people inside the house, but it can also notify the neighbors too. It is also possible to notify the home owner if he/she is not around. This is the part where the outdoor bell comes in.  Once an alarm is detected, a timer is started. After a minute, if the alarm is not cancelled, then a relay turns the big outdoor bell On. There are two ways to turn it off: either to handle the root case and to make the alarm disappear, or to manually turn the bell Off.


If there is a water leakage, it automatically turns off the main valve and sends you a message.  There is a DC motor within the valve and it turns clockwise or counter-clockwise depending on polarity. There is a feed-back loop that indicates if the valve is effectively On or Off.  To turn it On, just apply a positive voltage to the upper-left connection. If it is already On, it does nothing since the other side of the opto-isolator is connected to the feed-back “Valve is On” loop.



  • Raspberry Pi 2 Model B
  • Water valve
  • Water sensor
  • Fire bell
  • SSR Relay
  • Smoke alarm relay module
  • 12v SPDT relay (duo)
  • 12v SPDT relay (single)


  • Twilio SMS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Core

Click here to know more about the project and how it is done.