GoPiGo  is a project perfect for beginners and those who wants to accomplish something out of Raspberry Pi. You only need three hardware components to start: a Dexter Industries GoPiGo Robot Base Kit, a Raspberry pi zero and a Dexter Industries Wifi Dongle.


This project doesn’t need the skills of making a complete Raspberry Pi robot when you already have the GoPiGo kit. The GoPiGo kit includes a goPiGo Board (red board), Chassis (frame and wheels), motors and Encoders and Power Battery Pack. All versions of the Raspberry Pi works with GoPiGo but it is not included in the kit. With so many programming languages and USB accessories available for the Pi, you can turn your GoPiGo into anything from a wifi controlled robot for exploring the scary spaces behind the couch to an autonomous rocket launching office enforcer.

gopigo-base-kit-assembled-3Other features:

  • Powered by 8 AA batteries (not included)
  • Software examples and API are provided by Dexter Industries.
  • Kit takes less than 20 minutes to assemble.


To make the Pi robot mobile, you can use these following components and software

  • Dexter Industries GoPiGo Robot Base Kit
  • Raspberry Pi Model A, B, B+, 2: This board is the main brains of the robot that will connect to the GoPiGo board.
  • Raspberry Pi Zero
  • miniWifi Dongle: Can be plugged in to the Raspberry Pi so you can unplug the ethernet cord and make it function as a remote control, mobile car.
  • microSD card: Required “hard drive” for the Raspberry Pi (comes with Dexter Industry’s custom software)
  • Ethernet Cable: Required for plugging in to your computer to program
  • Power Supply: Wall plug to power your Raspberry Pi while you are programming it, rather than using the batteries.
  • Dexter Industries Raspbian for Robots Cinch

For more details on how to make a mobile robot with GoPiGo, Raspberry Pi and Raspberry Pi Robot click here!