Buses carry numerous passengers everyday. When the rush hour begins, a lot of uncontrollable circumstances happen. Get Me There – Bus Intelligent Transportation System (BITS) will help a lot of people to reach his destination on time with a busy schedule ahead.

There is a common cliche that people will wait all day, a lot of passengers are waiting for the same bus and most of them ends up in finding a bus without any free seats. G BITS will inform the passenger on how much time does he have to wait for a bus and does the bus has a free seat when it reaches him or does he need to look for a another means of transportation to reach on-time.

BITS uses IOT, Data Analytics, Machine Learning, Mobile App with Cloud Computing to help bus passengers get accurate estimates of arrival times and current number of available seats in each specific bus.


The Solution: Get Me There – BITS Solution


The Solution consists of the following components:

  • The IOT device – the data collection end point: a Bus equipped with Raspberry PI 3 board and sensors to count number of passengers getting IN/OUT each bus.
  • Microsoft Azure IOT hub: will communicate with IOT device (Raspberry PI 3) and receives telemetry.
  • Azure Stream Analytics: by which the received data will be packed into tables .
  • Azure Storage: tables then will stored in this storage to be used later in the following modules.
  • Azure API App (Web Service): provide the mobile app with information like estimated arrival time, estimated travel time (using Google Maps APIs) and number of free seats.
  • Mobile App: the passenger’s interface to use the solution.
  • Hadoop Cluster / Hive for data analytics platform
  • MS Power BI for desktop reports


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