Build a simple hardware project without having to worry about python coding, connecting wires and all of the complicated tasks that you can think of. In  this tutorial, you will develop an Obstacle Avoiding Robot with your Raspberry Pi . This is a wireless and a python-based robot which avoids obstacles via infrared signals. The robot has two IR sensors in front which can detect objects at about 5-6 cm.  The step-by-step procedure is easy to follow and if  you are a compete beginner there is also an e-book on Raspberry Pi and Arduino to get started from step 0.


Here is a list on what you will need:

  1. Raspberry Pi B/B+ or 2 and basic peripherals: SD card, keyboard, mouse, etc.
  2. IR sensor modules like this.
  3. Geared DC motors.
  4. L293D driver board.
  5. Robot chassis and wheels.
  6. Caster wheel.
  7. Breadboard and double side tape.
  8. Male to male/Female to male jumpers.
  9. 9V Battery and connectors.
  10. Push button and 220R resistor.

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