Beetbox, powered by a Raspberry Pi is a simple instrument that allows users to play drum beats just by touching actual beets. You can be an instant drummer with this Beetbox! It is super Interactive and you can even display it to your living room and  make your friends play with it!

The Pi in this project has a capacitive touch sensor and an audio amplifier in a handmade wooden enclosure. The touch sensor is handled by  MPR121 Capacitive Touch Sensor from SparkFun. The source code can be found here, but  it can be difficult to deal with it if you are a beginner.

Note that you can use any type of vegetable that you want – carrots etc. It is not necessary to use beets to make the thing work.

Below is the picture of the things that you will need in this project.

Things you need for you Beetbox

  • Any vegetable that is able to fit inside a hole
  • raspberry pi
  • power supply
  • audio amplifier
  • capacitive sensing board
  • wooden enclosure – If you want to be creative, you can create a different style for your wooden enclosure.

If you want do not have these components yet, you can check this site. This will provide you the exact components and where you can purchase them.



This is probably not especially useful to anyone, but may be interesting to those curious about the inner workings of the Beetbox. For more details of this project just click here.